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Month: July 2018

Issues attaching SSL Certificate to NetScaler Gateway/LB VIPS on AWS NetScalers Firmware version NS12.1 48.13.nc

Issue: You are attempting to attach server SSL certificates for Load-Balancing VIPs or NetScaler Gateways VIPs on AWS NetScalers on the latest build (NS12.1 48.13.nc) but get the error “Certificate is not a server certificate”.

Workaround: Releases on NS12.0 53.22.nc or earlier seem to work fine for AWS Cloud NetScalers. Have not tested non-cloud VPXs at this time. read more

Setting up a Citrix XA/XD 7.13 Proof-of-Concept on AWS – Part 5 – NetScaler Config

Part 5 of setting up a Citrix XA/XD 7.13 POC on AWS.

Background: This article will cover setting up external access on our proof of concept via StoreFront and our NetScaler EC2 instance.


  • Amazon EC2 instances provisioned via Part 1 of the series
  • Microsoft Infrastructure configured via Part 2 of the series
  • Citrix Infrastructure installed via Part 3 of the series
  • Citrix components configured via Part 4 of the series
  • read more