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How to Export OVF Templates in VMware vCenter 6.X


Follow-up to the previous post where we performed Virtual Machine back-ups by exporting the files individually. This time we’ll export the whole VM into an OVF file which can be imported directly into vCenter.


  • Access to vCenter


Log into vCenter with appropriate credentials read more

How to Back Up Templates or VMs in VMware vSphere vCenter 6 using Web Client

Background: If there’s a need to backup VMs or templates to external media, this can be done via the vCenter Web Client.


Logon to the vCenter Web Client using the appropriate credentials.

Navigate to the Storage tab.

Select the datastore where your VM or template resides than the Manage tab. read more

How To Change Virtual Disk Provisioning Scheme from Thick to Thin in vSphere 5.5 web client

Previously, we went over how to change your provisioning scheme from ‘Thin Provisioning’ to ‘Thick Provisioning’ in vSphere 5.5 web client. This time we will do the reverse for going from ‘Thick Provisioned’ to ‘Thin Provisioned’. read more

How to Change Virtual Disk Provisioning Scheme from Thin To Thick in vSphere 5.5 web client

In certain situations, you may want to change the format of a virtual machine from ‘Thin Provisioned’ to ‘Thick Provision’. In most cases, thin provisioning is used to optimize the utilization of available storage in a storage pool by over-subscribing capacity with allocation that is needed ‘at the time’. read more

Configuring LDAP Authentication in vSphere 5.5 vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)

The vCenter 5.5 VCSA has just been deployed and you want to setup LDAP authentication. For this example, we want users in the Domain Admins AD group to be able to login to vCenter with their AD credentials. To do that, here’s what is needed:

Prerequisites read more