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WordPress – How to Create “Hover” Menus

To create hover menus for the main menu bar, it is quite simple now:

  • Login to your WordPress management console.
  • Navigate to Appearance>Menus.

  • Navigate to the Categories section. You must have some Categories pre-defined. If not go and make some at this point.
  • Choose the View All tab.
  • Select all the categories that you want to add to your menu. This should also include any sub-categories  you want to appear in the hover menu.

  • The categories that you selected will be populated in the Menu Structure window in the right.
  • Re-order categories to your liking.
  • Any sub-categories that you want to appear in your menu, you can move slightly to the right by clicking and dragging.

  • Configuring it this way will give you the following result on your WordPress site.

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    WordPress – How to Change Default Front Page

    To change the default Front Page or “Home Page” in WordPress, perform the following steps:

    • Navigate to your WordPress management page.
    • Navigate to Settings>Reading.

  • Select the option “Your latest posts.” This will change the home page to show your most recent posts. Alternatively you can set a different “static page.”
  • Save your changes
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